The words of our founder indicate that in the intimate relationship with God, we live our consecration and generate fraternity.
On a daily basis, we dedicate plenty of time to personal and community prayer, which is enriched by various forms of Christian prayer.

“Prayer is the first pillar of our charisma as it precedes the others and in a way generates them. Prayer is to invoke the presence of Christ among us, a presence that builds fraternity, it is the intimacy of each individual with Jesus Christ, it is the indispensable nourishment to keep alive the fire of true love that makes us capable of authentic fraternal life and true reception”

(Padre Pancrazio Gaudioso)

Eucharistic Celebration

“Source and summit of the whole Christian way” (LG 11)
Summit of community prayer, the center of the spirituality of faith and the source of our mission. Our founder used to say: “In the community Mass, where all the members come together to celebrate the Eucharist, the fraternity is constituted”.

Liturgy of the Hours

It marks the rhythm of the day by sanctifying the whole course of the day and night through divine praise.

The entire fraternity gathers each day, in the name of Christ, for the celebration of the Liturgy, i.e. the Office of Readings, Lauds for Morning Prayer, Vespers for Evening Prayer and Compline.

Night Prayer

As with Jesus Christ and so many saints, it is fundamental to the life of our Institute to grow in purity of heart, peace of soul and to invoke light to the intellect.

In all our Fraternities, taking into account the Offices and according to each one’s possibilities, at least three times a week we get up at night to give praise to the Lord.

Holy Rosary

Expresses our special devotion to the Virgin Mother of God and unites meditation on the mysteries of the life of Christ and the Church with prayer of the heart.

Other forms of prayer

Eucharistic Adoration, meditation on the Word of God and Spontaneous Praise are other forms present in our prayer life.


Christ is par excellence the witness of a welcoming God, therefore welcoming is an essential way of being for the Christian. Jesus in Bethany is welcomed as Lord and Master, as friend and brother. In that house He gives Himself and at the same time accepts without reserve the gift of others

(cf. Lk 10:38-42; Jn 11:1-44; 12:1-3).

By sharing the different moments of our day, those who come to our Houses can find in prayer, the sacraments and fraternal life, a true and life-giving encounter with Jesus.

In this witness, God’s love impels us towards a warm, unconditional, attentive, caring, ever-ready to give an account of the faith that guides us, in order to make Christ known

(Father Pancrazio Gaudioso)

Our hospitality is addressed to:

agsdix-fas fa-hands

Those who seek and want to have a deeper experience of God

agsdix-fas fa-child

Those who are on a path of vocational discernment

agsdix-fas fa-church

Priests and consecrated persons fatigued by apostolic commitments who wish to rediscover intimacy with the Master

agsdix-fas fa-hand-holding-heart

Disoriented young people and all those who feel the need to withdraw spiritually from the frenzy of everyday life

Families who wish to rediscover the beauty and magnitude of this vocation

Fraternal Life

The commitment to fraternal life, understood as a communion of hearts and intentions, is the true element that characterizes our vocation.

The evangelical Bethany was the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus: two sisters and a brother who enjoyed the presence of Jesus of Nazareth and his friendship lived in a family atmosphere. Our Bethany is the home of brothers and sisters who share the same life, invoking the presence of Christ on a daily basis.

Fraternal life is the first area of welcome that must take place towards the brother and sister that the Lord has placed next to us. Therefore, “brother” and “sister” are not simply a mere title, but what we really are and what we are called to realize among ourselves, among the people and for the Church.

“it is better to have the feeling of walking a little together than the illusion of walking further alone, because in that «togetherness» there is He, Jesus, who has guaranteed His presence, without which we can do no good”

(Father Pancrazio Gaudioso)