This is the first pillar of our charism because it precedes the others and in a way generates them. To pray is to invoke the presence of Jesus among us, the presence that builds the brotherhood; it is the intimacy of each of us with Jesus Christ; it is the nourishment indispensable to kindle the fire of the true love that makes us capable of an authentic brotherly life. In our Institute much time is devoted to communal prayer, which includes most forms of Christian prayer.

The Eucharistic celebration, peak and centre of the Christian life, constitutes the most excellent form of
encounter with God and the highest prayer addressed to Him, as Padre Pio taughtus with his testimony and
in a way that cannot be equalled.

The Liturgy of the Hours marks the rhythm of our day, sanctifying the whole course of day and night through the action of giving praise..

The Nightly prayer, enforced by the example of Jesus Christ and the majority of the Saints, is fundamental for the life of our Fraternity.

The Holy Rosary has a special role in our life of oration, because through it we express our special worship to the Virgin Mother of God and we can unite the meditation on the mysteries of the life of Christ and of the Church to the prayer of the heart.

The Eucharistic Adoration, the meditation of God’s Word and spontaneous praise giving are other forms that are present in our life of prayer.
Following St. Francis, who often expressed his affections with songs and music, every liturgical action is celebrated with songs.