Marian-Franciscan Spirituality

Mary, Ancilla Domini, the servant of God, is the sublime model of consecrated life and is also the door that introduces us into the mystery of Christ. The spirituality of our Fraternity is inspired to the unfathomable mystery of the Incarnation, through which, thanks to Mary’s “fiat”, God’s salvation project is realized.
Mary of Nazareth teaches us to combine Martha’s activity and Mary’s silence, showing us that they are not two offices separated in time but two offices that can be reconciled in the unity of life of one person: as long as I receive Jesus as God in my life. The Blessed Virgin Mary, welcoming God in Her womb has welcomed all mankind; in fact, Her receiving God in Jesus Christ has enabled Her to welcome and receive the others. Mary of Nazareth teaches us that Bethany is not therefore a symbol of generic hospitality but is the mystery of reception of the person of Christ and the reception of Him justifies, motivates, supports and feeds all other forms of reception and hospitality.

Franciscan Spirituality
St. Francis of Assisi, by divine inspiration, imitating the life of Christ and of his disciples, gave origin to a new form of evangelic life that he called “fraternity”.
For this reason he is for us an unequalled teacher of brotherly communion.
Francis considers his brother as a gift from God, regardless of his human characteristics. Each brother is a gift to be received, a spur by God to grow in the love and the gratuity that spring from a humble heart. And for us it is also a model of simplicity that is the privileged way for the unification of man with God, the source of brotherly communion and the remedy against all divisions.
The beauty of a simple life and the wealth of brotherly life, that manifest themseves to the highest degree in the charitable attention toward “the least” of the brothers, are the precious inheritance of the Franciscan tradition.
From Francis we also derive the evangelic joy , that is, the perfect gladness that was dear companion of the Seraphic Father, and that becomes the bright testimony of adherence to the Gospel.