Hospitality is above all a ‘way of being’ indispensable for a Christian. Christ is the testimony par excellence of a welcoming God, a God who comes forward, speaks and listens, thereby revealing God’s true face: Love. At Bethany Jesus is welcomed as a friend and as a brother.
At Bethany Jesus at once gives himself fully and receives the gift of the others (John 12, 1-3).  This is the essence of our hospitality.
Those who come to our houses can find a true and substantial encounter with Jesus in the prayer, sacraments and brotherly life.
Our hospitality is addressed to:

  • those who are in search of God;
  • those who want to have a deeper experience of God;
  • those who are along a path of vocational discernment;
  • priests and consecrated who feel weary and often empty because of their many apostolic endeavours and want to recover their intimacy with the Master;
  • families, so that they may discover once more the beauty and greatness of their vocation, aware of the high dignity of the family as a community of life and love, founded on the sacrament of Matrimony;
  • those who need a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to be in silence for a while, especially at the feet of Jesus;
  • disoriented young people;
  • those who have lost the purpose of their existence.