A big Family


Attorno all’Istituto di vita consacrata Fraternità Francescana di Betania, si è costituita negli anni una grande famiglia spirituale che attinge linfa dal carisma foantale.

Con il termine Familiari della Fraternità Francescana di Betania vengono identificati tutti quei fedeli della Chiesa Cattolica che, a diversi titolo e con modalità ed impegni differenti, partecipano del carisma dell’istituto:

12_FmFFB Oblates

Singles o families, lay or diocesan priests, spiritually bound to the Fraternity, commit themselves to a path to perfection in charity, according to the spirituality of the Institute, through private vows or the promise of evangelic life. They live in the service of the Kingdom imitating the Holy Family of Nazareth, in the silent coherence of their daily life, in prayer and in evangelization.


04_Fm Diocesan priests

Diocesan priests and deacons who recognize a call from the Holy Spirit to take part in the charism of the Fraternità Francescana di Betania can be aggregated as Oblates in a way convenient to their mission among the People of God, according to the statute of the family members of the FFB and with the written consent of the bishop of their diocese.


08_Fm Ancilla Domini groups

The Ancilla Domini groups are prayer groups that adhere to the spiritual patrimony of the Institute and its lifestyle inspired to the Bethany of the Gospels.
They meet at least once a week for a prayer meeting centred on the Word of God, spontaneous praise giving and Marian devotion, according to the distinctive modalities of the Institute.


FotoTestaGdB_Iesolo2014_0Betania’s youth

Betania’s youth are boys and girls of different age who meet with the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany to have a profound experience of faith and to build a group of friends who have in Jesus their common denominator, thereby experiencing the joy of friendship and being together.


IMG_7875 copia

Friends and voluntary Cooperators

Friends and Voluntary Cooperators are those who, without bonds in any special form, wish to walk the Institute’s ways and benefit from its spiritual support, follow its lifestyle adapting it to their own status and support the work of the Fraternity with a voluntary personal and professional contribution.