Brotherly life

In the Gospels, Bethany was the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus: two sisters and one brother who enjoyed the presence of Jesus of Nazareth and his friendship, within a family environment.
Our “Betania” is the home of brothers and sisters who share the same life, invoking every day the presence of Christ.

Brotherly life is the first form of acceptance, that must realize itself in the first place towards the brother and sister that the Lord has placed next to us. So that “brother” and “sister” are not simply a title, but what we really are and what we are called to actualize in our community, among the people and for the Church.
It is the proof of coherent Christian life, it is the right horizon within which to realize God’s love and a mirror where to look at our own miseries and exercise all virtues.
It is also support to our vocation and our primary evangelization commitment, since our being one Institute of brothers – lay and priests – and sisters makes testimonies of communion of us all.